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 Slizers: Ressurected

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The Spectral Mask
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PostSubject: Slizers: Ressurected   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:25 pm

Sector 1, Chapter 1

- Turbo -

Before Flare woke me up, I was having a really psycho dream.

I dreamed I was underground. I don’t know where underground or what I was doing there, but there I was all the same. It was dark, as you’d expect the ground to be, but there was some green light illuminating the tunnel, for it was a tunnel, even though I didn’t know where the light from coming from.

All around me was gurgling. It sounded like I was underwater in the Ocean Sector, where I’ve only been once before, but the gurgle was lower, slower. Whatever was making the noise was thicker than sea water.

I remember staring at the end on the tunnel. I remember walking along the tunnel and reaching the end and staring at the end, and I remember hating the end of the tunnel, because I’m sure it was a tunnel, not a cave. Caves are holes in the planet’s crust. Tunnels, whether natural or man-made, go somewhere.

Therefore, a tunnel should not have an end; it should have entrances and exits. I was mad in my dream, and also desperate, because I wanted to exit that tunnel. I wanted to get out, but I couldn’t, so I was mad, mad the tunnel wasn’t a tunnel because it had an end.

And, then, Flare woke me up.

I had been tangled in my bed sheets, and sweating, because my dream was really freaking me out, and the sheets where sticking to my skin. Flare grabbed the sheets and pulled, and I rolled, and he pulled the sheets right from under me and I rolled right on to the bedroom floor.

“Hey, Turbo!” Flare said, grinning, as he walked over me, “Are you asleep?”

“Not anymore…” I grumbled, getting to my feet. Flare was taller and cooler than I was, with his orange suit and occasional black armor, which he sometimes wears because we live in a bad part of the Sector. He usually has a black visor, but he’s indoors now and in my room and not wearing a visor. He’s sort of greasy, though, because he thinks the showers are gross, which they are, everything is gross in City Sector, and so he’s gross himself, but the girls don’t care because they’re gross too. Even if you shower in the City Sector, you just get dirtier. The pipes are backed up and the Ocean and Ice Sectors don’t let us take from their reservoirs anymore.

I get up, and stare at Flare and he stares back, still grinning. I know I’m shorter and my teal suit clashes with the green armor I sometimes wear, because we live in a bad part of the Sector, and I know my visor is just borrowed from his which I’m not wearing either, but I can still stand Flare up. Sometimes.

“What in Slizer Dome did you get me up for?” I ask, “And how’d you get in here? Door’s locked, you need a key,”

Flare laughs and says, “You don’t need a key,” except you and I do, it’s just him who doesn’t.

“As for the ‘what’,” Flare continues, and he’s pacing now, walking around the room like a smart aleck with his hands folded behind his back like he knows something I don’t, which he does, “I’m afraid it’s not exciting as Slizer Dome… it’s City Arena,”

Flare smirks, because he thinks I forgot about the big day, and I did, but I still say he shouldn’t be smirking because that psycho dream has been keeping me up and then I sleep in and then more dream, which is good and bad, bad because it’s like a nightmare but good because I want to see how it ends, I want to get to the end of the tunnel, but I can’t because I’ve got to go to the City Arena.

I run over to my dresser, and Flare high-fives me as I go, and take of the suit I’ve been wearing because my dream made me sweat right through it. I put on a new suit, saying, “Thanks, Flare, for getting me up,”

Flare walks backwards out of my door and to his apartment, which is right across from mine, and he’s saying, “Dude, without you, I don’t get in free,” which makes me smile because it’s true.

I’ll need armor today, because we’re going all the way to Slizer Square, which is in a good part of the City Sector, but we’re going to be going through a lot of bad parts. We live just south of Slizer Square, which is nice, because that’s the best part of the City Sector, but it’s surrounded by ghettoes like mine, but worse. Plus, what you do in City Arena, well it isn’t dangerous, but armor… armor makes you feel safer doing it.

I mess up my hair and then come through it again, which is hard because my hands are sweaty and my hair is sweaty and I just make my hair greasier, but there’s nothing for it because the sinks are disgusting in the ghetto.

I’m all clean, or as clean as you can get it the City Sector, which is pretty dirty, and then I think about showering and laugh and then head over to the hallway where I turn left and head down the stairs and see Flare hitting on the chick at the front desk.

Flare’s smiling at her and she’s smiling back, and she’s not clean and neither is he. Flare says the best part about living in the ghetto is that girls can’t say you’re disgusting, because they’re disgusting too. The girls are just as sweaty and greasy as the boys, and I guess they’re hot, too, but that’s because it’s so hard to get food here, they’re just skinny and so are we.

Flare’s talking about himself and the girl is listening, but I walk over and say, “No time!” and grab Flare by the arm, and he yells “314!”, which is his room number, and he’s hoping she’ll drop by and get even sweatier with him.

And so, I pull Flare, still waving to his new girl even though he has tons of girls because out of all the gross people around he’s the least gross, and pull him out the used-to-be-automatic doors…

…and into the ghetto.

And you know what’s funny?

I swear I hear low, slow gurgling.


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The Spectral Mask
Head Librarian & Game Master

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PostSubject: Re: Slizers: Ressurected   Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:31 pm

Sector 1, Chapter 2

- Flare -

My best friend is a clank head, and he’s way smarter than I am.

No, really. Turbo’s a genius, but he doesn’t show it. Of course, if he wasn’t a genius, he wouldn’t be invited to the City Arena. Still, he’s a clank head… I’m smarter than he is, but he’s smarter than me.

This is confusing, I’m sorry. Turbo’s smart, but he has trouble getting his thoughts out. He tells me his thoughts are like the wheels on a truck, because they go in circles and never stop. He tells me he tries to get something, like a new invention, done, but his wheels start moving and he loses track. That doesn’t happen to me, because I’m smarter than he is, in a different sense.

I’m street-smart. My parents died when I was young do to a reservoir poisoning (and so I never drink, shower in, or wash my hands in City Sector water) and so my grandfather raised me. Now, he’s dead too. But grandpa raised me to look after myself in the City, and I do that. I also look after Turbo, my best friend. His apartment has always been next to mine; or, rather, his family’s apartment was across from my grandfather’s and now that his family and my grandfather are dead, there are apartments.

Turbo isn’t very good socially, and the girls think he’s weird. Me, though, I’ve got dozens of girls. Turbo might know more stuff about Throwbots than I do, but I know girls through and through.

There was a time, grandpa told me, when you used to fall in love with girls because they were pretty, or skinny, or nice, or smart. Well, now, they’re all pretty, skinny, and nice and none of them are smart. I go with the ones who are scared.

I like scared girls because scared girls like brave guys. Girls like that need someone to look after them, because with the disease and pollution and tram crashes most of the older folk are dead and gone. They want to look up to their personal hero and feel safe. And I like to be that hero, because when you’re looking after someone, you feel less scared yourself.

There, I said it. I’m scared.

I’m scared for good reason, though. When Turbo pulled me away from that cute girl at the front desk, he pulled me into the larger world of the ghetto. We don’t live in a good part of the City Sector; our part has tall, abandoned factories the Game Master turned into apartments to try to get people of the streets. There are trams, of course, so no one takes the streets anymore except the semi trucks that transport fuel. The streets are empty and covered with litter and people, and the buildings are in disrepair because the Game Master doesn’t care enough to fix them.

In the City Sector, people are getting desperate. The water is poisonous. The trams are screwed up and people are dying. The Master is running the Sector when Jet didn’t put him in charge. And when men get desperate, they get violent. That’s why I sometimes wear armor and I sometimes carry a few throwing disks. Just in case.

Turbo and I walked along the streets, and I noticed he was a bit jumpy. “What’s up?” I asked him.

Turbo stared at me. “Don’t you hear it?” I didn’t hear anything unusual. “The gurgling!” said Turbo, and that didn’t help at all, but I tried to calm him down.

“The sewers,” I said, “There’s probably something in the water. There’s always something in the water, right? So it’s making a gurgling sound,” A gurgling sound only Turbo could hear. “Nothing to worry about,” I finished, patting him on the back.

And you know what? I was half right, because the gurgling was coming from the sewers, and it was something in the water. But there was one way I was wrong: the gurgling was definitely something to worry about.

Turbo could hear it, and I couldn’t. But like I said, Turbo’s a clank head, but he’s way smarter than me.

Turbo and I kept walking. We were on our way to the City Arena, and that was big. I could hear his brain going whir, whir. It takes a lot to get invited to the City Arena.

The City Arena is located in the heart of the City Sector. It is run by a man called the Game Master from the Energy Sector, who also runs the Sector these days. He came from the Energy Sector when he was young, and started working at the Arena. Before long, he became the head of the place, and it prospered under his control.

Jet, a long time ago, founded Arenas in each Sector. Something about life being to tough, and us all needing to kick back and watch some entertainment. Well, that worked out pretty well, didn’t it? In the Arena, people get invited to build Throwbots and compete. It’s big stuff, because Spark, the most famous guy in the City Sector, competes too and he’s one of the best. The competitions change daily, but it usually involves some Throwbot versus Throwbot battling. The Master runs the competitions and broadcasts them on the television. Everyone got so absorbed in it, the Sector started to fall into disrepair. People didn’t know what to do, so they asked the Game Master. That’s how he got put in charge.

I guess putting the Master in charge made sense. Jet, after all, was the one who showed us all how to use our resources on this planet and saved our lives, and the Slizer Dome is a lot like City Arena… of course, no one sees Jet anymore.

Turbo, the lucky duck, got invited to the City Arena to build one of his machines and go against Spark himself. I’m happy for him, of course, because I’m a hypocrite. I watch City Arena like everyone else, even though it’s the Master’s fault the water is poisoned and my parents died. I love and hate the Master and his game, just like everyone else.

So, Turbo and I walked, trying to avoid anyone with a Throwing Arm, until at last we made it to Slizer Square. Here, the buildings are big and silver, and there’s City Arena, a huge metallic green dome with two rows of windows surrounded by search lights. I saw the huge City Sector symbol, a grey circle with the outline of a city skyline. I was going to see a real match it the Arena, and Turbo was going to be a competitor…

There was more traffic here, because so many people from other Sectors showed up. Suddenly, a white pod zoomed up from behind us, nearly knocking us over, and it parallel parked up ahead.

“Hey!” I shouted, “Who do you think you are?”

The lid of the pod opened up, and a pale dude jumped out. He was wearing a black visor and a light blue jumpsuit with white armor. His hair was so pale blond it looked grey, but he was way too young to have grey hair. He raised his hands and said, “I don’t think I’m anyone I’m not, orange,”

Orange, of course, the color of my jumpsuit under my armor. “I’ve got a name, pale blue, and it’s Flare,”

The guy laughed, “I’m Ski. I’m from the Ice Sector, got tickets to see the show,”

I grinned. “Welcome to the Sector, Ski Dude. I’m so excited that the first two people you meet are V.I.P.s,”

Ski looked us over. We were ghetto boys alright, and we looked nothing like V.I.P.s. But I grabbed Turbo’s arm and held it high, saying, “This is Turbo. He’s a competitor,”


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Slizers: Ressurected
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