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 RPG: Revive

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PostSubject: RPG: Revive   Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:02 am

Hi and welcome to the Alpha Team RPG!

It's been 103 years since Ogel fled the icy landscape he created in his spidery helicopter, officially last seen alive as he disappeared over the mountains. The last of his known drones were defeated or freed, his ice vistas melted, and the members of Alpha Team could finally relax and (eventually) retire in peace. The world was deemed safe, other than a few unsuccessful alien invasions.

But, of course, the greatest villains never die easily.

Ogel is back, and the world's most heroic agents aren't here to stop him.


{ Post your character sheets in the separate discussion topic, not in this RPG. Your characters may be subject to an approval process, so be patient if the RPG's hosts ask to review your sheet before you can jump in.
{ No god-moderation. If any appears without suitable explanation, it will be deleted. In general, think about how "reasonable" your character's actions will be compared to real life or the physical/technical standards set by the original Alpha Team storyline.
{ Respect the NPCs. Be sure that you have permission before using any!
{ Respect other players, and obey the normal forum rules.
{ Have fun!

Extended Details

In the century after Ogel's disappearance, the world is generally considered a safer place. Crime rates have gone down, the world population is starting to come under control, and the fabled semi-secret group of elite Agents once known as Alpha Team has officially been disbanded for 42 years.

Politicians still squabble but world governments maintain a semblance of order and peace. Corruption is as rare as petty arguments are common.

Only a handful of loyal minions lie low and await Ogel's return.

Making your Character

Anything goes for making your character... almost. Your character should have qualities that can be described by these guidelines.

Name: Anything, other than (obviously) leet or your real name.
Affiliation: You can identify with Civilian, Agent, Government, Other, or Ogel's Forces.
Age: This becomes important if you choose Agent as your affiliation, as all remaining Agents are older than 50. If your affiliation is something else, then most ages are fine.
Appearance (eyes, hair, etc.): Keep it within bounds of reason.
General Description: Background history for your character is optional, as always, but encouraged.
Personal Weapons/Tools: Anything within the bounds of previously described Alpha Team technology can of course be used. However, you may not use a truly god-moddy weapon, and even a century after the original Alpha Team you can't have quantum supercomputers everywhere.

Copyable Character Sheet

General Description:
Personal Weapons/Tools:


Name: Agent Wire
Affiliation: Agents
Age: 66
Gender: Male
Appearance: Spiky hair, formerly orange-brown but fading to gray; dark gray eyes; average height. Color code was olive green as an agent. Usually wears pale gray slacks and a muted blue-and-white button-down shirt as a civilian.
General Description: An exceptional agent and the last leader of Alpha Team, Wire was only 24 when the team was dissolved. He still harbors resentment towards the committee of government officials that decided the matter. After his career as an agent was over, he adopted a new identity as a communications/information researcher for a major corporation. Has kept as physically fit as possible in case he ever has the opportunity to fight for Alpha Team's cause again.


And once again, have fun on your own journey into the world of Alpha Team!



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RPG: Revive
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