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 The Tale: More!

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PostSubject: The Tale: More!   Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:26 am

Hello, all! :P

I've been mulling this stuff over for a while now, and figured it's finally time to post some of it.

This entry will mostly be devoted to encyclopedia-like explanations of important concepts from the Tale, and I may eventually have to move it over to a bigger format such as a topic. I'll also post updates on the horrible Mercator-Projection-ish map of the Outlands World that I've been making, and possibly other things that will be relevant.

Before I start, I'd like to note that March 23rd is unofficially Tale Day. :P

So, let's see what we have here.



Please note that the labeled thing that looks like it's in the Rebrolan Sea is actually an enlarged inset of the Delta Towns.



Administrators, First:
[Note that few real names of First Administrators are known to denizens of the Outlands World, although First Administrators know each others' names. Real names are listed in this entry, however, as this encyclopedia is partially written from the view of the Librarian and General, who do know the First Administrators' names. Only the First Administrators who are unequivocally known to be such are listed here.]

Current List of Known First Administrators:
KKM, Kolenece Keykeeper Malevolence
Doctor McFacepalm, Iltonis Marzes

[The names or nicknames of at least two additional First Administrators have appeared somewhere on the site, at least once. You're welcome to look for them. :P]

Administrator power:
What follows is only a partial explanation, to be expanded upon:
Administrative power (admin power for short) is wielded by administrators of forums (more commonly called fortresses, which they usually are). The raw energy itself comes from a generator (of one type or another - commonly piezoelectrically powered by fortress members walking over generating tiles) within the fortress, and administrators must wear special armor that absorbs and stores the energy for later use. They usually charge this armor through ports in the walls; sometimes all the walls in the fortress can in principle conduct administrator power, and are triggered by the actual contact of the appropriate armor.

Once admins have stored the energy in their armor, they are able to access it through any of a range of special gestures, which are almost always unique to each admin and set of armor, as the gestures serve only to activate some switch in the armor. These gestures (or occasionally actual switches) release the energy in one form or another - administrators must be careful and often have to have good motor control in their gestures in order to channel the energy effectively.

Administrator power appears in one color or another by choice of the administrator concerned, as the wavelength of the light emitted alongside the energy can be modulated. (However, no known administrator's armor is efficient enough to emit pure electrical energy or any such thing entirely without light.) While colors of admin power are solid as well as bright and glowing, Moderator Power is generally weaker in color and transparent. The color of moderator power can also be modulated, but is generally the choice of the administrator who grants each moderator power.

The energy of admin power can be used for several purposes. Most (but not all) admins use it for weak telekinesis, manipulating objects with weak bursts of kinetic energy, and can rearrange some things in their fortresses in this way. A substantial number of admins use it to conjure bolts and blasts of power, which generally is to ban or punish troublemaking members of their fortress(es) - and some admins have mastered the ability to convert their stored energy into "true" lightning. Some skilled admins are able to use it to bend light and create illusions - for facades for their fortresses or (rarely) to change their own appearance. No contemporary administrator has the ability, but it is said that the First Administrators had such energies at their disposal that they were able to create solid objects, including such great "constructs" as Ban Bombs, Ban Boxes, and (in the very beginning) an entire fortress - some of these relics have been carefully preserved and occasionally used by scrupulous latter-day admins.


Gates, world:

General Ornithological Association:


Login Guard(s):
What follows is only a partial explanation, to be expanded upon:
The sentient, independently operating automaton guardians of fortresses. They make sure no one who gets into a fortress interferes with its workings. No one is exactly sure where they come from, or why/how they arrive at and defend fortresses. But for most of the large fortresses, they have become indispensable.

It is unknown how they operate. As they are treated as sentient beings, none ever "die", and no one tries to use force against them, no Login Guards have been dissected to learn their anatomy. They could be clockwork, or** they could even be living beings inside some kind of armor. Whatever the case, they seem to possess superhuman reflexes and (to some extent) strength.

They vary greatly in appearance. Most look vaguely robotic, but the only general rule is that their "skin" is metallic-colored, and a large number have wheels rather than legs. Some look essentially human; others are like old gods, with animal-like heads on humanoid torsos. No completely animal-like Login Guards are known to exist with certainty, although a reptilian one is rumored to inhabit the forested region of Mancth Tanurax.

**[There are only two options listed here because other possibilities are highly unlikely. For instance, even semiconductor technology is rare in the Outlands World, and certainly not widespread. It is, however, possible that Login Guards are exceptions to the general technology-level rule of the Outlands World, especially given how advanced of a lifeform they are.]

Mancth Tanurax:

Vancph Tanurax:




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The Tale: More!
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