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 RPG: Arcsight

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Mysterious Figure

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PostSubject: RPG: Arcsight   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:15 pm


Hello, all, and welcome to the RPG. The story takes place in a familiar setting, also called Farsight. Here, World War Three is imminent... and only the cooperation of enemies can stop it. But will every party wish to stop it?


~ Post your character sheets in the separate discussion topic, not in this RPG. Your characters are subject to approval.
~ No god-moderation.
~ Respect natural laws. Most or all of the laws of physics/chemistry apply.
~ Respect the NPCs. Be sure that you have permission before using any!
~ Respect other players. All normal forum rules apply as well.
~ Have fun!

Extended Description

Governments worldwide are at their tensest, and the media watchdog group Alert fears that any wrong move could lead to war. As presidents, prime ministers, and rulers try to reassure their people, Alert and the immense conglomerate corporation of Otherwise concentrate their considerable resources on preventing a world war, and what to do if such a war does indeed happen. But the efforts of the two are beginning to come into conflict with governments across the globe... and each other. And some of their findings hint at the hidden workings of yet other parties. The clock is already running down, and there can only be enough time for victors.

Making your Character

Anything goes for making your character... almost. Remember, your character shouldn’t have superhuman abilities unless approved beforehand.

Name: Anything, except of course your real name (for security).
Appearance (eyes, hair, etc.): Keep it within bounds of reason. Bright green eyes do exist, bright green skin doesn’t.
General Description: Background or history for your character is optional.
Personal Weapons/Tools: Anything within the bounds of technology can be used, especially if your character works for Otherwise, except for god-moddy weapons.
Affiliation: Major choices are Otherwise, Alert, Government (if you choose Government, specify which country) and Other (if your character is neutral). As other groups emerge, you may choose one of them, or even make your own (but please talk to me about your own group first).

Copyable Character Sheet

Appearance and Ethnicity:
General Description:
Personal Weapons/Tools:


Name: Geso Arrhakas
Gender: Male.
Appearance and Ethnicity: Tall and thin, with silver hair. True ethnicity unknown, perhaps Eastern European.
General Description: Geso Arrhakas rose from complete obscurity - nobody knows his birthplace - to become the heralded head of Otherwise. His direction of the corporation quickly advanced the frontiers of applied science, helping the former small company graduate from a mere pharmaceutical producer to the largest-ever conglomerate. You name it, and there will almost certainly be a branch of Otherwise specializing in it. He, for unknown reasons, is also running an ongoing project to sequence the genomes of all birch tree species.
Personal Weapons/Tools: His choice of weapon or tool is never a certain thing. Anything he uses, he is only temporarily testing for his company.
Affiliation: Otherwise.

Name: Qresa Kresann
Gender: Female.
Appearance and Ethnicity: Of average height, with dark hair. Apparently South Asian.
General Description: Over the years, Qresa Kresann rose through the ranks of Alert, from a field reporter to its director. Under her guidance, Alert became more far-reaching and aware than ever before. Now they are hoarders of information, their unfettered expansion aided enormously by their hard-won freedom from any government control or copyright regulation. It is surmised that Alert keeps virtual copies of every book, motion picture, and television program ever known to be released. They operate several public news programs worldwide, but Kresann keeps access to some of the most important stories to herself.
Personal Weapons/Tools: Not known to use weapons, but owns a revolver and some daggers, all antiques.
Affiliation: Alert.

Name: Wiley Proudman
Gender: Male.
Appearance and Ethnicity: Slightly short, with wiry brown hair. American.
General Description: Wiley Proudman was the popular mayor of a small city for several years. He worked in construction for a short time afterwards, but eventually ran for the office of US President and won. He is now in the first year of his second term as President. He is an honest and often skilled public speaker, and has won support and admiration from many of his remaining opponents. Under his leadership, the declining United States is slowly regaining a modicum of its former power. However, he has also garnered increasing resentment from other countries as his remade Union of States competes with them and gathers more military force, both offensive and defensive.
Personal Weapons/Tools: A variety of strange firearms.
Affiliation: US Government.

Questions or comments? Post in the Discussion topic or PM me!



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Mysterious Figure

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PostSubject: Re: RPG: Arcsight   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:16 pm

OOC: It's time.


It was two in the morning when Qresa Kresann was woken by her multifunction clock.

The bedroom was tar-dark but for the device’s green-lettered face, and only a discreet but urgent whine sounded to notify the head of Alert. The clock scrolled dizzyingly with a new message from one of her many employees (or, rather, informants).

Although it was coded as per the usual Alert protocols, the message on the clock face was not an obstacle for Kresann, who had long since learned to read the semi-legible shorthand as well as any other language she knew. She finished scanning the new message in less than 30 seconds, but any facial reaction she had to its content went unseen in the pervasive shadow.

Most of the text was information about locations mixed in with code for the Multiweb and one day and starting time. Really, the message was just an overview and a request for orders. But it was still a sobering reminder of the reality of the oncoming war.

Unusually for the work Kresann initiated with Alert, there was no rush to reply to this message. It would be a couple of days before any plan could be put into action with this particular set of information, and there was no need to set up beforehand - Alert was immensely good at mobilizing quickly. But she decided to reply anyway, activating a touchpad on the clock face and typing a brief string of characters.

The war was not in the hands of Alert yet.


It was nine in the evening when Geso Arrhakas was jolted into attentiveness by a notification flash on his computer’s screen.

Already it was fairly dark outside, the last of the day’s sunlight making its unimaginably fast way through the giant windowpanes of the Otherwise regional office. A few bats were out over the tropical treetops.

Arrhakas leaned forward, latticing his fingers together. The message was uncoded – merely a forwarded chunk of information from elsewhere on the current site, having been received from the outside in coded form. It took him little time to absorb its meaning, but only responded with a raised eyebrow, for which there was no one else in the room to see.

The message was only a summary of rejected and delayed commissions from governments, a similar digest to what he would receive every year. This one in particular, however, was a special report – demonstrating a large number of contracts for weapons that Otherwise had denied in some way.

Arrhakas knew that a war was probably coming, and Otherwise had not escaped baseless criticism for its policy of free international trade. This reminder was, if discouraging, nothing new. But he would remind his security chief to speed the fortification of Otherwise’s massive reserves and reservations anyway, and would ask his area managers to try to calm officials.

The war was not out of the hands of Otherwise yet.


It was five in the afternoon when Wiley Proudman was handed a brief printed report by an aide.

The sun still hung improbably in the sky, pouring its palette of orangey radiance through the corridors of buildings. Even on a mostly-purposeful visit, Proudman could still appreciate Alaska at lull times like this.

Of course, his spirits sank a little as he read through the pages of the report. Such were the times. There was nothing one could do but stay prepared. He kept emotion off his face as he finished reading, and set the paper gently facedown on the dark desk of the unfamiliar office.

It surprised him very little that Otherwise had obtusely given low priority to the United States’ weapons orders. The corporation had to know that if it stayed neutral, it was virtually untouchable by anyone. It could easily claim that it was only a private entity with fastidious business practices… and if Otherwise toppled, it would be an economic catastrophe the world over. Proudman could only guess that they were preparing for the possibility of a war by slashing their weapons production to baseline levels.

Well then, if world hostility was escalating, then Proudman would have his country build its own weapons.

The United States would have to take the war into its own hands.



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RPG: Arcsight
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