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 CMBCC the First

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PostSubject: CMBCC the First   Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:22 pm

Hello and welcome to all and sundry!

This is W. Gudmunzsun with Codrex Magna's very first BIONICLE Construction Contest, and with an appropriate theme to it too. For this contest, build what you think the Great Beings might have made as their prototypes for the Matoran and Toa!

Read on for the rules. All entries will be posted in a separate list topic.

1>>You may enter only one entry, consisting of up to three separate models or constructions.

2>>Your entry may not be a duplicate of an official set or model or another member's entry.

3>>A picture of and a title for your entry are required.

4>>You may post a full description of your entry as well as other pictures in a topic of your own, but this is NOT REQUIRED.

5>>You may submit a model that you have previously built AS LONG AS YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY POSTED IT TO CODREX MAGNA. This includes putting it in the Gallery!

6>>No modifying your model after you submit it! You will be disqualified if you do.

7>>Discussion of the contest belongs in the Contest Discussion topic, discussion of a specific model belongs in that specific model's topic, flaming does not belong anywhere. Post accordingly! You will not necessarily be punished if you don't listen, but your posts will be moved or removed without notice.


8>>ONLY LEGO/BIONICLE PARTS ALLOWED. That's what this forum is about, and that's what you must put in!

9>>NO CHEATING. Mass messaging, insults, multiple accounts, blackmail, spamming? The member that does it will be restricted or banned. Report any cheating you see!

10>>Make your entry according to the theme of the contest! If a staff member asks you how your entry relates to the contest theme, you should be able to answer them.

<<11>>HAVE FUN! That's what this is all about!

Read everything carefully! Especially remember, ask any questions you have in the Contest Discussion topic.

The contest deadlines and contest rewards will be announced when a suitable number of members have entered. Voting will begin after the deadline and will be open to all members.

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CMBCC the First
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