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Mysterious Figure

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PostSubject: Parallel   Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:36 pm

Hello, everyone! This is a "sequel" to my earlier story, Fire Lost. However, keep in mind that this is happening at
about the same time as the other story, and therefore is not a true
sequel. Also, this is a horribly cobbled-together story, and my least favorite of any of mine.


She stared into the swirling darkness of the shadowed desert. Unlike others, she could see through it. But even with her night vision, there was nothing to see.

She sighed quietly. There was nothing to break the monotony of the shadowed desert, nothing to occupy her time. All she could do was remember her old life and look ahead to another day without purpose.

Long ago, she had been a scientist of sorts, creating new creatures to populate the newly made world... empty then, empty again, she thought wryly.

After there had been a takeover of the Makuta and Teridax took power, he had attempted to kill her along with others who opposed his rule. She escaped, of course, and had been running from them since. Someday, they might still find her, but it would take them a long time...

After she had escaped the other Makutas' clutches, she had found a suitably isolated island to live on. The other inhabitants had turned out to be a lethal military group, but she formed her own organization and negotiated a temporary truce. There had been no skirmishes following that first encounter.

But after the Second Cataclysm, nearly all of the members of both groups had panicked and fled into the gathering darkness. A few remained, but even they eventually went their separate ways, looking for any oases which might still hold light.

Only she and the opposing leader remained at the end, and as they were enemies, they finally left as well. Now she wandered the wastes, searching for a way to either find light or leave. With some old mechanical parts, she had cobbled together a crude vehicle she dubbed the "Shronax T5", enabling faster travel. But there was no point to faster travel if there was nowhere to travel to...

The worst part for her was the unending silence, broken only by the occasional breeze. She had lived all her life surrounded by all kinds of noise, and now the lack of it was jarring, enough so to disrupt her concentration. She kept herself occupied by training with her weaponry, but there was not much else to do.

She materialized a chair out of solid shadow and sat down. She stared without seeing into the distance, remembering what had come before. There was something which looked like a flash of red light in the distance, but she ignored it, thinking it was just a trick of her eyes.

Then the light came again. She focused her vision on it and saw what looked like distant flames. Strange, she thought. There aren't any desert Rahi capable of making fire... and I'm sure it's not a Toa.

She dissipated the shadow chair and clambered into her Shronax T5. If there was something out there... then she would find it.

She started the engines and turbines and soared silently towards the burning light far in the distance...


This may have been put together even more quickly than the first, but what do you all think? As good as the last one? Worse? Better? Spit it out, I need feedback!

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