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 Point of Light

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Mysterious Figure

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PostSubject: Point of Light   Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:38 pm

Hello, everyone! The story you see here is the fourth of my short stories in a series of six. As you will soon see, it is rather different from the others - but only in one important detail. Read on to see what I'm talking about - and you'll be richly rewarded with the story.

Enjoy! Don't forget to review!

Point of Light

There was a movement in the darkness. The small scorpion scuttled nervously, then moved off as quickly as it could. Luckily for it, it had decided to act just before a foot came down on it. The owner of the foot, however, was oblivious to this little drama taking place below her, for she was thinking about other, more pressing things.

She was a Light-Toa by the name of Kala, traveling through this Mata Nui-forsaken desert to find others of her own kind - or, perhaps more relevantly, because she was banished from her home.

Long ago, the surviving Av-Matoran had built a fortress for themselves - a haven and oasis in the darkened world, keeping all the remaining records and knowledge of the universe within its radiant walls. That had been her home for a very long time, and she had been content and safe - until she turned into a Toa.

One day, she had been excavating a cellar for a new building in the walled city. She had been digging for a while when she struck an old shrine with her shovel. It was gilded heavily, and seemed very old, so she dug it out of the ground. But when she had cleaned it and cleared the area of debris, she reached out to it, touched it... and a kind of energy shot from it and changed her. She grew taller, stronger, and she gained the ability to manipulate light. And she recognized that the change in her... it had made her a Toa.

The others were horrified by the presence of a Toa within their walled fortress after all of the Toa who had entered their lives before had so let them down, and they did not recognize her. She had tried to tell them about the shrine, but she was banished with great anger by the Av-Matoran's leader, a pompous individual called Shrileax.

She now wandered through the darkened desert seeking refuge and the company of other Light-Toa... if there were any others left. Her light was usually enough to frighten off any Rahi who came too close, but right now, she was watching for something, anything. She didn't know what, but she did know there was something there.

There was a different kind of Night-Rahi in the desert that were not cowed by the glow she cast, and they constantly menaced her. They were unseen even by the glow she projected, but their presence could be felt all the same, menacing, watching. For some reason, since she had entered the desert, she had had a vivid mental image of them being tall, thin, and eerily humanoid, but she dismissed this picture as her imagination as usual.

Kala stayed in a defensive position for well over a minute, listening, then finally convinced herself that there was nothing there. She began to walk on, still on high alert for any noises.

As she was searching for any sentient companionship, she had nearly gone crazy from there being no light other than her own; no noise other than the patter of her small, armored feet; and nobody to talk to besides herself. And she had been searching for a long time.

She remembered living in a cavern called Karda Nui, so very long ago, even longer ago than when she had lived in the fortress of Av-Matoran. A team of Toa, called the Nuva or some such name, had forced them to evacuate before some energy storm incinerated them. But the storm never came to pass, and the universe died anyway.

She remembered how she and others had been terrified as the light in the skies had begun to fade, not slowly as at the end of the day, but precipitously, plunging them into darkness. It was not natural, and nothing good would come of it... she knew that now all too well.

She walked forwards, lost in memories, until she heard an unfamiliar noise. Splash.

She bent down and felt around. There was indeed water there, lapping quietly around her lightly armored feet. Kala smiled, feeling her stiff facial muscles relax into the familiar gesture after such a long time without happiness. She sat down and trailed her feet in the water. The sound and feel of the gently waves of water was lulling her into relaxation, even though all of her experiences had taught her never to let down her guard.

Kala stayed calm and still for a long time, lying on her back and gazing at where the stars had once been before the death of the universe. But, of course, she jerked upright and nearly screamed when a clawed hand reached from the water and latched on to her foot...


Well, there we have it. Was it as good as the preceding three? Not as much so? The same? Any improved or deteriorated details? Reply, review, and tell me! Feedback is necessary for the continuation and improvement of the series.


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Point of Light
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