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 The Once and Future King

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PostSubject: The Once and Future King   Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:44 pm

Get ready... get set... COME TO A SCREECHING HALT!

Yes, I've finally finished editing it to death. So read it.

The Once and Future King

Some stories begin with someone completely unknown doing great deeds and completing great tasks, and earning a name for themselves with their fame.

This story begins with a nigh-forgotten warlord swimming through the protodermis ocean, dreaming of the revenge that he had for so long deserved.

Stories can be very different.


The Dark Hunter called Tyrant swam through the waters of the protodermis ocean. The water around him was clean, untainted, and perhaps the most peaceful place he had been in his long life. But it didn't matter. The curse, the promise he had made himself, blinded him to his peaceful surroundings.

Once, long ago, he had been a ruler of an uneventful little Matoran-inhabited land. He managed to find amusement for himself, such as finding diverse ways to execute criminals (or just those who opposed him). But one day, some recruiter had come to him asking him to join "the Dark Hunters". He normally would have disposed of the moronic minion for insubordination, but he was intrigued by the offer and agreed, if only for excitement and a chance to conquer.

But he became more interested in undermining the Dark Hunters' leader, some bizarre being with a protodermis-generating staff and red eyes who called himself the Shadowed One. He disliked the fool and his way of running the organization, and was determined to take over for its members' own good (not to mention his own). And the Shadowed One had betrayed him, of course. He should have known better. The Shadowed One had sent Tyrant, along with an "assisting" patrol, to defeat some insolent Toa. In the middle of the battle, the remainder of the patrol had abandoned Tyrant and he was nearly killed by the Toa. He disappeared, badly injured, under the silver sea - but not before swearing his revenge on the Toa and the Shadowed One.

He had drifted, deep in a healing coma, for a long, long time, and had woken only relatively recently. He had been disgruntled but not altogether surprised to see that the universe around him was dark and dead. Apparently the idiots who he had to share the universe with had finished the job of killing their own home. But if it didn't affect the probability of his revenge being carried through, it didn't affect him.

Soon after Tyrant had woken, he had begun to swim towards land (wherever that might be). Occasionally, he'd levitate himself through the air rather than swimming, but most of the time he just swam, letting the water support him, for he still hadn't quite recovered the full extent of his strength and powers. But at the moment, Tyrant was sure that he was near land, somehow.

Eventually, he could feel the ocean floor beneath his feet, sloping gently upwards in front of him. In the darkness, he couldn't see much, but felt his way along the submerged sands until he reached the point where it intersected with the beach.

Immediately, he was aware of someone there, nearly right in front of him. By his or her slow, regular breathing, he surmised that the person was asleep. He grabbed onto its ankle and attempted to pull himself out of the water, but the person jerked backwards and nearly slipped out of his grasp. Fortunately, whoever it was was relatively strong, and he was yanked out of the water before he lost his grip. He lay without moving for a second, then jerked upright to see a Toa watching him. He analyzed the immediate threat she posed, noting her gold armor and the glowing aura around her hands, and concluded that he shouldn't really attempt to fight her in his condition.

"What have we here?" Kala asked, startling Tyrant. He hadn't expected her to speak.

"Usually I don't see red humanoids swimming," she continued. "Unless you don't happen to be associated with fire or plasma, I really can't think of any reason for you to be doing that."

"No, I'm not. And besides," he said pointedly, "you can't really choose when you're in a coma."

Kala mulled that over, then asked, "And why would you be in the ocean when you were in a coma anyway?"

"Toa, and the Shadowed One." Tyrant smiled bitterly. "Need I say more?"

"I've never heard of this Shadowed One," Kala said. She was aware that she was letting her guard down slightly, but she tried to reassure herself that she was just keeping her vocal cords in use.

"He's the leader of the Dark Hunters. Criminal organization, mercenaries and such. Familiar...?" Kala shook her head, and Tyrant continued. "I joined his league of petty thieves and lowlifes for a chance to undermine him and use the authority of his position to do better things - such as conquering, et cetera. Of course, he betrayed me. He sent me with a small patrol to dispose of some Toa, and the patrol let them nearly kill me. I swore in that moment that I would return to finish off the Toa and the Shadowed One. And that's what I'm here to do now... and, if you wish -" Tyrant decided quickly, "- you may join me to take over, and destroy them."

Kala thought about Tyrant's offer, weighing its benefits against its consequences, not to mention its flaws. On the one hand, Tyrant was obviously an unsavory character, and held a grudge against Toa (if not specifically her, but still). He also seemed to be injured, and might not be much help to her. However, he could probably guide her through the darkened universe, and in aiding him she might be able to rid the world of this "Shadowed One".

She made her decision. "I'll help you if you help me."

Tyrant smiled tauntingly. "It would seem that I would not be much help to you. Nevertheless, I'll accept your offer, as you accepted mine."

Kala smiled inwardly. If he was no use, she could - and would - dispose of him. The same could not be said for her, as he was in no shape to be fighting. "That's good, then. Let's be on our way."

She picked up her weapons and he his launcher, and they began to walk into the darkness...

They had not gone more than a bio before a voice sounded from behind them.

"As you two seem to have made a deal, may I ask to join you?"

The voice was hoarse yet cold, ragged yet hard, like a splintered bone or broken shaft of steel.

"And who might you be?" asked Kala, extending her glow farther.

As the glow illuminated the figure, a memory flickered through Tyrant's mind. And just as suddenly, he realized who stood before them.

"Fancy meeting you here," smiled the figure.


So, what do you all think? Good, bad, mediocre, outstanding, inconsistent, dull, consistent, exciting? I'd like critique, whether it be nice or nasty.

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The Once and Future King
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