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 General Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: General Rules and Regulations   Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:12 pm

If you want to fully enjoy your stay at Codrex Magna, stick to these rules and guidelines.

>> When posting, stick to the subject of the forum you are posting in. Topics or posts in the wrong forum will be moved or deleted without warning.

>> No spamming. Any random, unreadable, or unintelligible topics or posts WILL be deleted. If you spam or multiple-post repeatedly, you will be restricted or banned.

>> No swearing. Swearing is not tolerated. The only place for swearing on the main forums is in off-topic writings where mild language is appropriate - NOWHERE ELSE.

>> No racist, sexually explicit, or otherwise offensive material. If it's highly inappropriate, you're banned. No exceptions.

>> No illegal material. Does your country prohibit it? Then don't post it.

>> No flaming. Don't offend or harass other members on purpose. If you are outstandingly rude or cause problems, your post count may fall.

>> No links to sites that are against the rules above. If you link to sites that have offensive, illegal, or explicit material, you will be restricted unless you can give a very good reason for doing so.

>> Specific commercial advertising is discouraged. Unless it ties into a comprehensive review that you are writing, please do not blatantly advertise.

>> Birthday topics for members - even staff - stay open for two weeks at the most, no matter what forum they're in. If the staff haven't noticed one that's been open for longer than that, report the post.

>> Always report breakage of the rules. If it's in a post, hit the Report button (shaped like an exclamation mark). If it's in a PM, the Chatbox, a signature, a profile, or anything else, PM an administrator (or, in some cases, the moderator of the affected area) with the problem and the responsible member's username, and they will take care of it.

>> Have suggestions for a better Codrex Magna? We're happy to hear them! If you have an idea for improvement, post it in a suggestion topic or PM an administrator! There's always room for a good idea.

>> But above all: have fun! <<


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General Rules and Regulations
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