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 Happy Thanksgiving!

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PostSubject: Happy Thanksgiving!   Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:28 pm

Happy Turkey Day to all of my fellow Codrexians, here in the States or abroad!

We're all terribly busy now that the school year is in full swing, but hopefully we all have a few days off to rest and be thankful for what we do have. I for one am thankful to be a part of this community. It may be quiet, but it's kind, comfortable, and compelling. Even when Immediate Association is the only candle alight, Codrex Magna is still a part of my life that I would be unwilling to part with. And when the sparks of creativity do alight, our hearth is warm enough to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner! Spectral

Enjoy your break and your extended fire metaphors,

- Spectral


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Happy Thanksgiving!
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