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 Akamai, Master of Valor

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Makuta Luroka
Element Lords Created
Element Lords Created
Makuta Luroka

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PostSubject: Akamai, Master of Valor   Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:48 pm


As luck would have it, I started building this two weeks prior to the relevant contest starting, so I present Akamai rebuilt in the style of G2

Full gallery here
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The Spectral Mask
Head Librarian & Game Master
The Spectral Mask

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PostSubject: Re: Akamai, Master of Valor   Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:29 pm

My my, what a remarkable job you've done making a classic combiner model with a disparate color scheme into a unified, sleek whole. He's underwhelming in size, unfortunately, but that may be my only significant complaint.

It's good to see Onua's claws and Pohatu's... I'm not sure, after all these years, what to call those. Shoes, maybe? But nevertheless, excellent integration of classic elements. G2 Onua is represented symbolically by the hammer as well, a good modernization (but you'll never shake off my love of Throwbot shoulders!) and all of the G2 pieces are looking fine here.

How amusing to see the BIONICLE Stars flame sword! While G2 Tahu's dual blade surfboard is one of my top ten favorite things about 2015, I was let down by his two golden swords - there were not many good things about BIONICLE Stars in my opinion, but that sword would definitely have been an improvement over those dinky little katanas.

All in all, an excellent model considering your chosen scale. Spectral


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Akamai, Master of Valor
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