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 Best BIONICLE Years?

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The Spectral Mask
Head Librarian & Game Master

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PostSubject: Best BIONICLE Years?   Fri Mar 23, 2018 1:23 am

In my humble opinion (and run past my roommate):

1. 2001 (The Original is Always Better)
2. 2007 (Most Creative Set Designs)
3. 2004 (Best Balance of Storylines)
4. 2009 (Exciting New, Yet Familiar, Environments)
5. 2006 (A Wild Romp - With Attitude!)
6. 2003 (Half Pointless, Half Movie Merch)
7. 2002 (Sadly, You Could Cut the Bohrok)
8. 2010 (Edit: Repetitive and Overly-Simplistic Sets, but Nostalgiac!)
9. 2008 (Why is Everything Gray & Confusing?)
10. 2005 (Edit: spiiiiiiiiiiders! a giant legion of spiiiiiiiiiiders!)
11. 2015 (Generation 2)
12. 2016 (Also Generation 2)


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Mysterious Figure

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PostSubject: Re: Best BIONICLE Years?   Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:06 pm

Hey, where's 2005 on your list? :P

(Technically, 2010 should get a spot too, but...)

Anyway, I haven't run mine past my brother (the only person I talk to mostly offline who cares most about BIONICLE besides me), and this is a spur-of-the-moment ranking that might need editing later, but...

1. 2004 (what a wonderful mystery/a well-executed vision of the past/"10/10 Like the Star Wars Prequels except better story and with disc sports")
2. 2006 (doom & gloom/a consequential storyline at last/who knew the Toa Nuva could be beaten? pt. ii/a fantastic setting once you got past the edginess)
3. 2007 (a sci-fi dream/following up on 2006's story? who'd'a thunk/great villains, comprising a sea of red herring[s]/when you die, you die in real life!)
4. 2003 (enter Makuta/who knew the Toa Nuva could be beaten? pt. i/monsters of the week finally get something cool to do/there's a world beyond Mata Nui...)
5. 2001 (everything's new, but not shiny/getting the party started with island mystique/no one really knows anything, and it's great)
6. 2008 (cool gear, but now we're getting into weird retcons/Makuta is a species name?/some sort of aerial warzone/Codrex!/the Ignika is up to something...)
7. 2002 (the Bohrok were pretty cool back in the day, you have to admit, even if they were monsters-of-the-week in the end/Energized Protodermis... hmm)
8. 2005 (spiders? in MY metru? it's more likely than you think/I don't think that's how mutation works/please don't try to sexualize a BIONICLE character again)
9. 2009 (soft reboot, okay, sure/why is Mata Nui short and wearing the Ignika?/more biological than mechanical or chronicle/noodling around a sand planet)
10. 2010 (the original Makuta gets his comeuppance/why the golden armor?/the story trails off midsentence)
11. 2015 (hard reboot... okay... sure/the mysteries have been burned off, but the island is just as gorgeous/all the Turaga look like Jaller Mahri now)
12. 2016 (wait... what happened in 2016 again?/Generation 2 trails off 0.75 of the way through a sentence)


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The Spectral Mask
Head Librarian & Game Master

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PostSubject: Re: Best BIONICLE Years?   Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:05 pm

Seeing 2001 without nostalgia goggles would definitely lower it on my list, but I'm surprised to see it below 2003! Good point about the Bohrok Kal beating the Nuva being shocking, I hadn't thought of it like that.

And I guess we'll have to agree to disagree about 2009. Shrug

Quote :
please don't try to sexualize a BIONICLE character again

*glances nervously at MOC-in-progress.* pale


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PostSubject: Re: Best BIONICLE Years?   

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Best BIONICLE Years?
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