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 RPG: Mythos

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PostSubject: RPG: Mythos   Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:22 pm


> Post your character sheets in the separate discussion topic, not in this RPG. Your characters are subject to the RPG hosts' approval once posted - if they contain inappropriate or impossible elements, they will be deleted.
> No god-moderation or auto-hitting, in any circumstances. Only gods can god-moderate. You are playing a demigod.
> Respect natural laws where applicable. Granted, we are dealing with gods and titans, but in ordinary situations things happen ordinarily.
> Respect the NPCs. Be sure that you have a host's permission before using any!
> Respect other players. All normal forum rules apply as well.
> Most of all, have fun!

The great war has ended, and the Titan Kronos has fallen. His great hordes of monsters, now led by Krios, battle against the demigods in another bid to take back the unwitting mortals' world. But Krios has kept back a few more tricks... and this time, the gods cannot be counted on.

Making Your Character
You must make a player who is a novice demigod. If you get a host's permission, you also have the option of playing as a minor monster if you want. The RPG's hosts and moderators of the forum may choose to play as a veteran of the previous war, but in general the veterans will be NPCs.

You don't have to reveal who your character's immortal parent is, or even which parent it is. However, you do have to have something in mind, and you will probably have to reveal it at some point. You are not allowed to make a magical mystery demigod who sprang from nothing.

Name: Anything you like except your full real name, but keep it fairly realistic if possible.
Appearance: Again, keep it reasonable. However, this may also be influenced by what god/goddess was your character's parent.
Race/Heritage: Not as straightforward as it looks. Your character's apparent "race" (i.e., skin color or appearance) goes under the Appearance section, if you want to put it in. This spot is for specifying what your character's godly parent is, when applicable. (Or if your character is the child of a Titan or is a monster, say so.)
Alliance: Basically who your character is fighting for, the gods or the Titans. (If your character is not going to a camp, is a free agent, or perhaps is unaware of their parentage, put N/A.)
General Description: Optional, but basically as much of your character's background, personality, and history as you want to put.
Personal Weapons/Tools: Until your character reaches a camp or is outfitted beforehand, don't put anything in here that you wouldn't have in real life.
Other: You may have something to put here that doesn't fit in the above categories.

Copyable Character Sheet

General Description:
Personal Weapons/Tools:


Name: Sean Faraday
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race/Heritage: Son of Hermes.
Alliance: Gods.
Appearance: Croppped blond hair and beard with a brown cast; fair but tanned skin; blue eyes. Slightly short and bony. Often seen wearing light armor with gray-and-red cloth pauldron decorations on the shoulders.
General Description: A veteran of the last war, Sean is quiet and easily overlooked or even forgotten. He is a survivor and very nimble in battle, but not always a great fighter. He has no apparent desire for power or influence, but unlike many others is a candidate for a higher "rank" because he is so reliable.
Personal Weapons/Tools: Usually a shortsword or a rapier, but occasionally practices with an inefficiently long katana.

Name: Gaius Daxiel
Gender: Male
Age: 75
Race/Heritage: Son of Ares.
Alliance: Gods.
Appearance: Dark reddish brown longish hair; pale skin; brownish eyes. Fairly muscular. Favors heavy, unadorned gunmetal-colored armor.
General Description: Gaius is the main battle instructor for recruits in the training camp, and has remained an excellent fighter into his old age. He has a keen strategic mind and is in his element in the midst of a chaotic melee, but can occasionally be prone to bursts of rage. Not only a veteran of the last war, he has repulsed monsters from the camp and modern areas for most of his life.
Personal Weapons/Tools: A greatsword and pronged shield, most of the time.

Name: Natalya Marecolus
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Race/Heritage: Daughter of Poseidon.
Alliance: Gods.
Appearance: Pale brown neck-length hair with a bluish cast; light tan skin; olive green eyes. Rather thin but strong. Wears plain, smooth metallic blue plate armor.
General Description: Natalya is a bit of an outcast but more often a leader. Persuasive and strong-willed, she was the main commander who rallied the demigods to fight in and win the last battles of the war, and is thought of as a major player by many others (except skeptics like Gaius Daxiel).
Personal Weapons/Tools: Generally uses a long weapon such as a spear, poleaxe, or sometimes a trident.

Name: Antigonus Paroikos
Gender: Male
Age: About 156
Race/Heritage: Son of Hyperion.
Alliance: Titans.
Appearance: Spiky sideswept gray hair with black patches like char marks; weathered skin; glaring white-blazing eyes.
General Description:
Personal Weapons/Tools: A bolas or occasionally a whip.

If you have questions or suggestions, contact me or another host! Have fun.



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Mysterious Figure

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PostSubject: Re: RPG: Mythos   Tue May 08, 2012 7:09 pm

OOC: I cannot believe how shoddy of a beginning this turned out to be, even after this much revision. AF, or anyone else who might join, please tell me if this isn't good enough, or if we only really need this much of a post to get things going.


“All camp members, report to the council!”

At the brusque call, Ireneus Ericsson looked up from the book in his hands. Another interruption. He wondered what this one would be about.

As stoic as Gaius Daxiel could be, the aged protector of the camp was prone to slight excitement about the possibility of battle. And recently, the senior demigod had had plenty of opportunities to fight - for the first time since the end of the last war, monsters had appeared at the borders of the various temporary camps, seemingly to test the defenses. But of course all of them had been taken care of - none of them were unusually dangerous foes to the veterans.

Still, Ireneus was not pleased in the least about the monsters turning up. He’d never wanted any part of his role as a demigod if it meant he would have to do battle. Really, it didn’t make sense for the gods to be around anymore, let alone the Titans. But he was stuck with the camps, just because of his parentage (and, to a lesser extent, his age).

He sighed and put down his book, rising from the rough wood bench and starting to trudge down to the council area in the south-central portion of the temporary camp. Time to see what was going on.

From the looks on their faces, it seemed that most of the other camp members were just as unenthusiastic about another meeting. Few were as determined to weasel out of fighting as him, of course, but who enjoyed meetings about anything?

But Ireneus thought from the grim look on the faces of the veterans that something must be different. Normally, Gaius might look a tad pleased when announcing that there would be more drills to perform, or that there were monsters arriving that the campers would need to help destroy, but he was unsmiling today. And usually Natalya, the only other major veteran who usually stuck around this particular camp, didn’t even show up to Gaius’s useless meetings, but there she was.

“Campers,” called Gaius disparagingly, seeming to feel some distaste for the word. “You are no doubt wondering why you’ve been called here. People always wonder why they’re summoned to meetings, don’t they.”

“Gaius.” Natalya looked a bit annoyed.

The gunmetal-armored veteran shrugged and crossed his arms. “Fine. I’ll make it short. Monsters are rising again in numbers, the first time since I-don’t-know-when. Probably the work of a Titan’s descendant or some unknown major monster. They know we’re here… so we’re moving camp and preparing for battle as we do. So start PACKING and FIND YOUR WEAPONS too.”

At the last words, shouted as they were, Ireneus started and began racing up a trail to one of the storage sheds where he kept his gear. Droves of other campers began to follow.
Sure, Gaius was paranoid, and was probably itching to move the camp away from its semi-established location after such a long peacetime. But how could the monsters be rising again?


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RPG: Mythos
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