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 Virtixx Contest Results

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The Before-Time

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PostSubject: Virtixx Contest Results   Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:48 am

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the long wait. I have been terribly busy with my current project, The BioNui Mod for Minecraft.
After almost 3 months, here are the results.

I like how you incorporated the Bionicle canon into your back story, and your MOC's armor is very intimidating. However, Your Vortixx was very bulky.

Your MOC was lean and skeletal. I liked this. I also liked the function of the leg armor hinging. Your Vortixx was a simple build though.

Maestro has won the Vortixx contest. Althought his build was simple, it was true to form and incorporated more that one base color.
Since there were only two entries, Spectral comes in a close second with his complex, stocky build.

I appreciate your entries and your patience. I will post a link to the Minecraft mod so you guys can see what took so long. The next competition will determine who can build the best dragon. I hope i have more than two entries next time, because this was a close battle.

Thank you again and good night, at least where I live.

The BioNuiMod:

False. It does strike twice.

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Virtixx Contest Results
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