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 The BioNui Mod

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The Before-Time

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PostSubject: The BioNui Mod   Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:42 am

For all of those on this forum who play Minecraft (there is no way any of us don't), I have created a mod called The BioNui Mod. I have already changed my signature to have a link to the MC Forums page, but would like to make an official announcement about it. This has been the reason for my inactivity all summer. I would once again like to apologize to Spectral and Gudmunzsun for such delayed results to the Vortixx Competition. However, I have made up for it. The BioNui Mod is going to be the best Bionicle Mod ever. I have a link to the page but will tell a bit about it here. It will include every weapon, almost every creature, almost every mask, and a couple of other interesting things. It is still in early development, so do not expect too much for now, but I am working on it every chance I get. I will release the mod in patches, all containing a certain group of things. I may be collaborating with another modder who is working on a similar mod, and may release a pack with both of our mods in it. I also have a link to his page so you can check him out. A good way to put this is that my mod will be Katuko's Bionicle Fighter in Minecraft and more. That is how large scale this will be. I encourage you to download it and try it out and see if you like it. It requires Forge to run, but Forge is ridiculously easy to use. I am open to any suggestions or criticism. I will also be releasing another update soon, so stay on your toes.



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The BioNui Mod
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