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 Revamp: Kralhi

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Relict Antihero

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PostSubject: Revamp: Kralhi   Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:09 pm

Hello, all.

As I have said previously (in the body of my post for the War Turaga), I have accumulated a surplus of finished and partially-finished BIONICLE and System creations over the past several months. This is another of those, as well as a revamp - an unexpected reworking of the Kralhi, originally a Toa Metru combiner model. Some of you may recall that the Kralhi served, in the BIONICLE storyline, the role of a precursor to the Vahki. It was one of Nuparu's many inventions, and was sooner or later found not to be the best solution to the need for a robotic police.

My sole comments on this revamp: it was completed and photographed within the last week, and I designed the head and arms to give a more fear-inspiring appearance from the vantage of a Matoran.

Alternate Walking Mode (front legs removed)

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Not the Critic
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PostSubject: Re: Revamp: Kralhi   Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:27 pm

Another excellent revamp!

I liked the original Kralhi for many reasons. I felt like it was a better use of the combiner model placeholder than the Toa Kaita, simply because it served an actual purpose in-story. I also liked the combination of colors the original presented. This is not a combiner model and has a very different color palate, but I won't be judging it on those criteria.

This fellow looks very robotic, impressively so, even by BIONICLE's standards. It invokes an impression of a Vahki prototype without look too much like a Vahki. Its weapons are well-designed. The mesh of colors you used surprised me - it looks robotic and almost like the metal-alloy steampunk color scheme I mentioned in the War Turaga thread. The use of Metru brown, gold, and trans orange make it look like metal patchwork, but an orderly, deliberate patchwork, which works perfectly for the model. I had been tossing around ideas for a similar, humanoid steampunk model with similar colors, with a more thrown-together look, and so you can understand my surprise when I came upon this.

The torso is absolutely mystifying, a perfect blend of pieces I can't begin to decipher, perhaps due to my inexperience with Toa Hordika pieces (I bought only titans and one Visorak in 2005, although I have gotten some Hordika at tag sales since). Everything else is well put together as well.

My only real complain is the emptiness of the eyes. While you can get away with this in a robot design, it strikes me as jarring nonetheless, because of the trans orange elsewhere on the body. Giving it the Piraka teeth probably made eyes implausible, but I'd still be interested in seeing a few tinkers to see if you can get some eyes in there.

The Critic Who Counts
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Relict Antihero

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PostSubject: Re: Revamp: Kralhi   Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:06 am

Thank you.

The Kralhi was indeed one of the best-utilized combiner models, even in terms of storyline appearances. I was, for one reason or another, especially fond of its leg design and armoring, and as you may see I have retained that type of construction in this overhauled design.

I have no extended commentary on the color scheme, but I am pleased you like the shift from the original. I did feel that the original mix of 4 primary colors was overmuch and a tad contrasting, though I have constructed some models (including one PBZP) with a Dark Green and Dark Flesh color scheme.

The torso is fairly simple, if interwoven, and makes use of 2 Dark Flesh Hordika torsos. It is also, no doubt, partly mystifying due to the fact that it is somewhat difficult to see in these pictures.

Your comment on the eyes is a valid point, and it is true that I did not spend all that much time on the head design. It would be difficult to properly attach any eyes, and the mechanical basis of the Kralhi makes it unnecessary, but no doubt I should have made an attempt at eyes before declaring the head finished.

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PostSubject: Re: Revamp: Kralhi   

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Revamp: Kralhi
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